4. full moon eclipse in libra tomorrow.  your heart wont feel this way forever.


  5. do you guys know that i have a tumblr for my photography?  you should check it out while i am working on updating my website, ok?

  6. national sibling day was yesterday and i have the best sibling to celebrate.

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  9. my heart is breaking every hour.

    maybe this is just what 31 is like. 

    i have lived so many lives, i have lived in the most in a car that pieces are falling off of.  that i can barely pay for.  that i have had a rotating cast of bikes piled all over, every food smashed in and enough earth to cover rhode island with. 

    im thinking about the ticks of my favorite faces and how my ticks have been pointed out and how my awareness of them goes in and out. 

    home is all of you.  home is on wheels.  home is my heartbeat.

    see you soon.